Friday, 21 February 2014

Colossus Bets Announces £100,000,000 in Prizes for the World Cup!

Colossus Bets is pleased to announce that they will be offering up to £100,000,000 (one hundred million) in cash prizes for the World Cup this year! 

For each of the first 21 days of the event, Colossus Bets will be offering either a £10,000,000 Pick 7 Colossus pool or a £2,000,000 Pick 6 pool.

Colossus Bets are famous in the industry for being one of the pioneers of  fractional ‘cash-in’ allowing players to cash-in their 'live' tickets, in full or in part as games progress leg by leg (including at half-time breaks). In other words, allowing players to have their cake and eat it!

As an example of what this means, they recently paid out £84,000, £57,000, and £56,000 to three players who cashed in their betting slips, all of which had initially staked less than £10. 

Who are Colossus Bets?

If you have not yet come across Colossus - here are brief details of what they offer:

Their headline bet, ‘The Colossus’, offers a guaranteed day one minimum £10,000,000 weekly prize pool. The Colossus is an easy to play, pick 7 ‘correct score’ football bet with two killer features:

The world’s biggest guaranteed prize pools; and

Fractional ‘cash-in’ as detailed above.

The £10,000,000 Colossus pool runs across top tier European football. They also offer five additional Pick 6 correct score pools, each with a minimum £2,000,000 prize fund, plus a host of support pools.

They believe they are offering what players are crying out for...

Unprecedented prizes for sports betting: the headline Colossus pool can grow from its day 1 minimum of £10,000,000 into a pool of tens of millions. Its minimum starting point is ten-fold the sportsbook industry’s maximum. Why should lottery-sized prizes be exclusively available to lottery players?
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